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Teknik Kasa developed over the years its own know-how and skills in product design, in high technicity safe manufacturing,  in automotive industry, in high security systems and safety barriers range of doors, locks, body parts, mechanisms and electronic.

In line with customer expectations regarding end to end solutions and carrying out the design process, our company used to collaborate with specialized partners in the subjects considering mechanical and mechatronics engineering taking into account the necessary software matters, ergonomics, competitiveness, aesthetic and safety.


Throughout the development process of a project, we attach great importance to meet the following requirements:

-        Customer expectations / Specifications

-        Legal regulations

-        Compliance with international standards and certifications

-        Design according to the manufacturing conditions

-       Working in partnership with the suppliers from the beginning of the project

-        3-dimensional computer design, design review, the potential failure analysis and prototype


2D/3D Tools :

-       SOLIDWORKS 2015 Premium,

-       AUTOCAD LT 2013

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